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“Connecting with Marc was one of the most delightful and growth-inducing afternoons I’ve had in a very long time. As a burgeoning creator and producer, the scope of his knowledge about producing in a for-profit model as well as his deep understanding of the Chicago market was so insightful and helpful. I walked away not only feeling more well-informed and empowered, but also with the warm notion that I had just found a diamond of a resource.”

Victoria Hines

Actor and Creator

"Talking with Marc about how to approach professional touring was informative and helpful! Marc is able to offer insight into the touring world as both an artist and a producer, and offer guidance from both vantage points. He helped us synthesize our artistic priorities and professional goals, and guided us towards a path that would help us get to where we wanted to go."

Claire Saxe

    Co-Artistic Director

Rough House Theater Co.

"Marc has brought a tremendous amount of experience, creativity and good old industry know-how to our MFA students, who are embarking on their own careers as theatre makers. They have loved the wisdom and insider view he provides. He is that rare combination of highly skilled producer and extraordinarily creative artist."

Michael Brown

    Assistant Professor

Columbia College Chicago

"Consulting with Marc was an inspired choice! Marc combines so many talents: not only tons of bread, sweat, and tears experience as a touring theater-maker, head of a company, and artistic director, but also years as an artist searching for what's next, as a caring friend and guide to his company members in Theater Unspeakable, and as a businessperson not content to settle for "well, none of this makes any money anyways." Marc is by nature kind as humble, but not overly eager to please, and this combination of lovely traits result in a consultant who can share truths with you, but kindly and with joy. Honestly, Marc is one of the most overall gifted people I know - both artistically and interpersonally - and would be a valuable consultant to theater makers and artistic directors or all stripes."

Rebecca Joy Fletcher

Actor, Theater Maker, and Jewish Educator

“Marc really ushered us through all the unpleasant steps of the “business side” of touring in an approachable and attainable way. We felt overwhelmed by the idea until he broke it down into simple steps and gave us the proper tools. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take their company to the next level and really start taking touring seriously. No judgement, no pressure, just Marc sincerely giving you the benefit of his experience to help your company thrive. “

Justin Kimball

    Actor and Choreographer

Comedy Dance Chicago

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