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A whodunit on a bullet train--In the year 2050, the Toronto Zephyr zips from Chicago to Toronto in three hours, every weekday, every hour, like clockwork. But on a cold day in January, the high-speed train encounters a setback on the tracks: a murder in the first class. Suddenly, everyone becomes a suspect and panic sets in as the train reaches the Canadian border. Luckily, former language arts teacher and amateur body guard Randy Davies is on board and on the case! In "Murder on the Midwest Express, three actors keeps up a dizzying pace with their signature precision and bare-bones aesthetic, switching characters faster than you can say Agatha Christie!



Brittany Bookbinder

Melissa Cameron

Lily Emerson

Marc Frost

Thomas Kelly

Becky McNamara

Mary Cait Waithall

Kathleen Wrinn

Marc Frost


Charlie Malave

Sound Design

“[Right] in your face with the entertainment…Theater Un-Speak-Able’s cheeky new whodunit makes appeals to a surprisingly broad audience.”

“The cast handle their many roles with cartoonish mutability, and the dizzying pace makes the group-devised piece feel like a candy-aisle binge.”

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