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In 2010, Marc Frost created Theater Unspeakable as a platform for devising new physical theater projects. To date, the company has created four original touring pieces and is currently developing its fifth project. 

Superman 2050

Murder on the Midwest Express

The American Revolution

Moon Shot

Based in Chicago, Theater Unspeakable has performed in 20 states and Washington DC in venues including: 


The Kennedy Center

Lincoln Center Education

Palo Alto Children's Theatre

Adventure Stage Chicago

Chicago Children's Theatre

and more

The physical theater practiced by the company draws upon the heavy influence of Marc's time at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). This two-year theater program based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq exposed him to many different styles of theater. Since returning and founding the company, Marc has set a goal for himself and his collaborators to continue experimenting with these styles until they have broken ground on new forms of their own.




Marc Frost

Managing Artistic Director


Zac Baker-Salmon

Executive Producer


Alice da Cunha

Artistic Consultant

Brittany Price Anderson

Education Manager


Brittany Price Anderson
Breon Arzell
Josh Bernaski
Xavier Biddings
Myriam Bloom
Brittany Bookbinder
Sheldon Brown
Andrew Cañizares-Fernandez
Evelyn Correa
Brian Cruz
Alice da Cunha
Scott Dare
William Delforge
Lexi DeSollar
Emerson Elias
Lily Emerson
Cole Festenstein
Rebecca Joy Fletcher
Fay Florence-Steddum
Isaura Flores
Jeffery Freelon
Marc Frost
David Goodloe
David Gordezky

Allison Grischow

Aissa Guerra
Nate Hall
Beth Harris
Aneisa Hicks
Rasell Holt
Annie Kefalas
Justin Kimball
Orion Lay-Sleeper
Quenna Lené
Josh Levine
Christian Libonati
Sarah Liken
Maddy Low
Emma MacLean
Sonja Mata
TJ Medel
James Mercer
Scott Ray Merchant
Lucía Mier y Terán Romero
Carolyn Moore
Rebecca Muszynski
Abby Pajakowski
Nic Park

Jeff Paschal

Brittny Rebhuhn
Lisa Revis
Eric Robinson
Mary Ruppert
Aaron Rustebakke
Devin Sanclementé
Richie Schiraldi
Rejinal Simon
Aja Singletary
Alex Small
Will Sonheim
Michele Stine
Vanessa Strahan
Christopher Sylvie
Jamia Taylor
Alejandro Tey
Marie Tredway
Sharaina Turnage
Vanessa Valliere
Destiny Vinley
Greg Walker
Caroline Watson
Jarred Webb
Juliet Wolfe



Lior Almagor
Sara Beaman
Deirdre Connelly
Joaquin Gomez
Stacy Klingberg
Taylor Tolleson

Zac Baker-Salmon
Rachel Frost
Tony Santiago



Rachel K. Levy
Lucía Mier y Terán Romero
Jacob Watson

Breon Arzell
Flora Bare
Alice da Cunha
Marc Frost
Leana Savoie
Andrew Tardif

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