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No longer available for booking.

Epic story, pocket proportions—seven actors share one tiny platform, just 3-by-7 feet of space, and upon it an original Superman tale unfolds. Set in a fictional 2050 Metropolis with a remarkable resemblance to Chicago, the show’s imaginative, resourceful cast members use only their bodies and voices to create every prop, scene, sound effect, and character in a battle between Superman and Lex Luthor for the future of the Midwest’s beloved high-speed rail network. Superman 2050 is bare-bones theater at its most physical and imaginative.


Brittany Bookbinder

Melissa Cameron

Lily Emerson

Marc Frost

Marc Frost


Thomas Kelly

Becky McNamara

Kathleen Wrinn

“Embracing the ethos of physical theater — a genre of performance that relies on movement and body language as a key element of storytelling — the ensemble conveys a thrilling amount of action and plot.”

“No matter how dazzling the special effects may be in the upcoming cinematic remake of “Superman,” none will feel as witty or clever as the analog efforts of creator Marc Frost and his six fellow actors ”

“…quirky and delightful”

“Make no mistake, for all the light-weight silliness at play, this is a sophisticated and highly disciplined piece of theater, and its steel is what brings it off. ”

"...brilliant[] and amusing[]”

“[A] fastidiously executed, often hilarious work of physical theater”

"[I]mpressive beyond words”

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