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The Shakespeare Project
My Uncle Sam
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Using five actors on a tiny platform, Theater Unspeakable takes on the Bard's Romeo and Juliet. In our version, the ensemble explores confrontation between inherited tradition and rebellion for change, as well as themes of love, friendship, and youth. This project has been underway since Fall of 2019 and has previewed at Scratch Night by Physical Theater Festival at Links Hall.

Directed by Flora Bare


Devising Cast:

Xavier Biddings

Cole Festenstein

Rebecca M. Gergely

Josh Levine

Juliet Wolfe


Consultants: Breon Arzell, Claire Kaplan, Leana Savoie

Based on a true story, Theater Unspeakable's founder Marc Frost uncovers the truth about his own relative Sam Barton in the My Uncle Sam project. Born in Russia in 1891, Sami Silverstein joined a wave of turn-of-the-century immigrants who came to America seeking a better life. Growing up in Brooklyn, he took an interest in mechanics and became a test pilot during the early days of aviation. After a near-death experience, he returned to his love of building bicycles which eventually landed him on a vaudeville stage as Sam Barton of the Barton Bros. act. Marriage, family and an international career all come careening towards a spectacular yet tragic ending as he dies backstage at Radio City Music Hall in New York on the eve of World War II. This project has been underway since summer of 2019 and an early excerpt was previewed at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater as part of the Alliance for Jewish Theatre annual conference.

Directed by Jeremy Aluma


Created and Performed by Marc Frost

Theater Unspeakable's new works are made possible with the generous support of the Lisa Dershin Creative Dance Fund.
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