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General FAQs

Why "Unteachable"?

Like with the name of our company Theater Unspeakable, we are always looking to emphasize unconventional approaches to creating theatrical work. On stage, this means that speech is often present but not deemed more important than the visual and physical storytelling. Likewise, in class, the teachers’ perspectives guide our explorations but the student’s insights are ultimately given equal worth. We believe a story is best told on many levels and that a lesson is best learned by experiencing various viewpoints. 


While we provide many tools, the ultimate hope is that students will return to their artistic pursuits with a refreshed perspective on their own vision for creation.

Is there an age recommendation for the courses?


There is no age limit but the school is not equipped for young students at this time. 

The classes are primarily intended for working professionals who have already completed some form of training and are active in the field. There may be exceptions, so please feel free to inquire. 

In the course descriptions, what do you mean by "mask"?

The core of our approach is based in working with masks – both literal and metaphorical. The school is rooted in the exploration of Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogy, which emphasizes the exploration of various masks. Beyond the literal wearing of a mask and seeing what that experience provokes, there is also the metaphorical approach. As in, viewing a character as a “mask” that an actor wears; or a style as a “mask” that a creator plays; this approach also deeply affects our understanding of theatrical work.

When classes are held online, will participants actually work with tangible masks?
Unfortunately, we will not have the chance to work with all of the masks due to the nature of online teaching. However, we will get to work with red nose clown mask for the Modern Clown course; and the Grotesque and Bouffon classes will include the creation of altered full-body forms, which are considered masks. 

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Any other questions? Please reach out to Marc Frost at

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